C4ICommand, Control, Communications, Computers, & Intelligence (US DoD)
C4ICommunity Climate Change Consortium for Ireland (est. 2003)
C4ICentre for Infections (Health Protection Agency; UK)
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The current and anticipated defense budgets even with the business efficiencies achieved to date through downsizing, best practices and using commercial-off-the-shelf equipment and software are insufficient to fund current or future joint C4I integration requirements, therefore tradeoffs will need to be made based on the prioritizations of the combatant commanders.
Kuwait and the UK in recent weeks revived talks on the C4I programme, which is worth around pounds 860 million, as the Gulf Arab state moved to implement a number of lucrative arms deals which were delayed for several years.
The CANES program is designed to eliminate various legacy, standalone networks and offers a common computing environment for dozens of C4I applications, strengthening the network infrastructure, improving security, reducing existing hardware footprint and decreasing total ownership costs.
Not only will the fleet have access to critical documents and configuration files for their C4I products, they'll have 'how-to' videos to help troubleshoot their equipment," said Margaret Fellenbaum, SPAWAR's technical director for product data management.
JCIWS's mission is to educate and train company- and intermediate-level military staff officers, senior NCOs and their Defense Department civilian equivalents in the concepts, applications and procedures associated with C4I and information operations in a joint and multinational environment.
FFI (Norwegian Defence Research Establishment) has developed NORMANS (Norwegian Modular Arctic Network Soldier) C4I system and conducted systematic tests and evaluations of the requirements definition phase of the acquisition program.
Consolidation through CANES will eliminate many legacy standalone shipboard networks and provide a common computing environment for dozens of C4I applications.
PEO C4I and SPAWAR are working toward a shift in strategy as the Department of the Navy moves to service oriented architecture (SOA) and common computing environments which offer enhanced flexiblity and interoperability.
This contract win is a direct result of R S commitment to cross-divisional collaboration, and I want to thank the teams at R Mobility and InTech for their seamless and unified presentations of R s C4I capabilities.
Chris Miller, who heads PEO C4I, the organization charged with acquiring, installing, and supporting communications and information technology systems for the Navy said, "Our warfighters need the added capability in order to ensure decision superiority--the ability to make informed decisions in critical situations--faster than the enemy.
Raytheon will furnish systems engineering, information assurance, maritime C4I hardware and electronics packaging, and integrated logistics support.
R announces it has won a contract to design and build Transportable/Mobile Subsystems for Raytheon s Integrated Defense Systems in support of a Raytheon C4I Systems customer.