C4ICommand, Control, Communications, Computers, & Intelligence (US DoD)
C4ICommunity Climate Change Consortium for Ireland (est. 2003)
C4ICentre for Infections (Health Protection Agency; UK)
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Smith: That is the fun part, Sharon; we have already started visiting ships and receiving significant C4I improvements during maintenance availabilities.
C3F stressed C4I reliability across all spectrums during the RIMPAC planning process and made the number one C4I goal to develop the Combined Enterprise Regional Information Exchange System (CENTRIXS) in order to "strive for seamless, uninterrupted connectivity for all RIMPAC participants at sea and ashore.
It took dedication and focus on the part of Cubic and PEO C4I and Space to get this vital system delivered on time.
The CANES program is designed to eliminate various legacy, standalone networks and offers a common computing environment for dozens of C4I applications, strengthening the network infrastructure, improving security, reducing existing hardware footprint and decreasing total ownership costs.
PEO C4I and Space was established in November 2002 and works closely with its organizational partner, the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, to dramatically enhance current and future C4I systems.
Guin joined LCE following a successful career as an Air Force officer implementing emerging C4I technologies during multiple tours at the Pentagon in the National Military Command Center, National Military Intelligence Center, and HQ Air Force Combat Operations.
FFI (Norwegian Defence Research Establishment) has developed NORMANS (Norwegian Modular Arctic Network Soldier) C4I system and conducted systematic tests and evaluations of the requirements definition phase of the acquisition program.
The mammoth task of seamlessly transitioning command headquarters personnel and C4I systems was made more challenging by the requirement to sustain 24/7 operations during the transition.
who was awarded a contract to provide compliance and security testing on Navy C4I programs, such as the Common Operating Environment Integration and Run Time Specification (COE I&RTS).
This contract win is a direct result of R S commitment to cross-divisional collaboration, and I want to thank the teams at R Mobility and InTech for their seamless and unified presentations of R s C4I capabilities.
It is with great pleasure that we welcome Mike Sheehan to our C4I Group executive management team," said Steven T.
The mobile C4I systems, comprised of command control, communications, computers and intelligence, will provide enhanced interoperability and improve communications between joint air and ground operations.