C4I2TSRCommand, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Information, Technology, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
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of Commerce and other Federal agencies (1 of 8 primes on Tier 3); * $800 million, 9 1/2-year Air Force Space Command C4I2TSR ID/IQ to modernize space assets, optimize network and telecommunications resource, and promote interoperable command and control systems (sole prime); * $610 million, 5-year CAASETA ID/IQ to assist the Air Force Space Command in the modernization of space-based intelligence (1 of 4 primes); * $500 million, 5-year BPA to provide technical support/services to the Air Force Space and Missile Center (1 of 10 primes); * $458 million, 5-year Army HRSolutions ID/IQ to provide HR personnel services and support to the U.
During the third quarter, we saw volumes scale up sharply under our C4I2TSR contract, reflecting the important role that SI International is playing in modernizing the nation's space-based intelligence and communications infrastructure.
Under the contract, SI International will provide supported organizations with the capability to design, engineer, integrate, furnish equipment and materials, install and test (EFI&T) and provide operations and maintenance and allied support for a wide range of current and future C4I2TSR systems located throughout the world.