C4IMCommand, Control, Communications, Computers, and Information Management
C4IMComputers for Information Management (military communication; US Navy)
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To accomplish their mission, NETCOM/9th SC (A) leaders exerted their mission authority to (1) transform and sustain strategic and theater/tactical communications forces; (2) engineer, install, operate, manage, and defend C4IM systems and networks; (3) operate & manage the Army's infostructure at the enterprise level via the development of the Army's LandWarNet; and (4) provide global C4 network operations at the enterprise level as dictated by the complexities of Army transformation and modularity during wartime.
The conference agenda focused on four major processes relating to transformation; Operationalizing Transformation, Network Operations, Enterprise C4IM (Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Information Management) Capabilities, and Posturing the Force.