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Later today, we will be discussing Advance at the C4K Sohn Canada Conference 2015, where we will outline our views as to why Advance is undervalued and the opportunities we see for substantial value creation.
The first phase of C4K sought to motivate Americans to donate and send new and "gently used" outwear to CHANGE FOR HOPE facilities.
The in-country partner working with C4K is the Barzani Charity Foundation based in the capital, Erbil.
To accelerate the impact of the campaign, C4K is forming a coalition of strategic partnerships, starting with CITIHOPE International for logistical support and distribution in-field.
In partnering with C4K as operational ally, CITIHOPE's Chief Operating Officer Paul Moore, Jr.
Tucciarone summed up the C4K initiative: " Coats4Kurdistan is a virtual network of compassion in the face of a potential tragedy of historic proportion - an incipient tragedy that could happen if people of goodwill do not come together.
Boxer Learning's donation significantly enhances the value of the C4K experience," said Kala Somerville, Executive Director of Computers4Kids.
Prior to receiving a computer, every C4K participant receives basic computer training.
C4K obtains used computers from businesses and individuals, refurbishes them, installs appropriate software, provides ongoing computer training and mentoring, and distributes a refurbished computer and printer to a deserving child who otherwise would not be able to have a computer at home.