C4LConnexions 4 London (UK colocation and internet service provider)
C4LCenter for Learning (est. 1999; Irvine, CA)
C4LCustomer for Life
C4LLowveld Centre for Lifelong Learning (Canada)
C4LCommand, Control, Communications & Computer Systems Division Long Missile
C4LCampaign 4 Liberty
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both C4L cloud services and on customer premise A10 equipment helping end
These results also reflect the achievements of the China Tech Centre, the Group's Shanghai-based R&D and design laboratory, which notably came up with the styling for the CitroE1/2n C4L and adapted the Peugeot 3008's design to the specific expectations of Chinese carbuyers.
See Rand Paul & Ron Paul, C4L Introduces "The Technology Revolution," CAMPAIGN FOR LIBERTY, http://www.
Our industry is fast-moving and competitive, so we have to be responsive and adaptable to change," said Andrew Sturmey, solutions architect at C4L.
C4L uses its EqualLogic storage to host vast amounts of customer data in more than 40 data center locations.
The company's new models include the Peugeot 3008, a crossover sport utility vehicle that is more aggressively styled than the European version, and the Citroen C4L, a midsized sedan that's only sold in China.
Pulsant, the cloud computing, managed hosting and colocation expert, has announced long-term client C4L has renewed its contract with the company by signing a three-year deal.
We have a significant presence in Maidenhead with a number of racks there, and we host several of our clients at this campus," says Simon Mewett, CEO, C4L.
Acquisitions (Frequence Medicale, C4L - MVS, Kitkatt Nohr, Airlock, Holler, Chemistry Communications, Talent, ICL Taiwan, GP7 Red Lion, Watermelon, S&S South Africa, Genedigi, Rosetta Marketing Group, Big Fuel, Nuatt, Spillman Felser, DPZ, Schwartz, Brand Connections, Wangfan, Gomye, Ciszewski, Creative Factory, Luminous, Mediagong, Webformance Saint Brieuc, Pixelpark), net of disposals
1) Acquisitions (In-Sync, Resolute, AG2, G4, Amazon, Publicis Romania, 20:20, EastWei, Casablanca, Digital District, Publicis healthcare consulting, Frequence Medicale, C4L, Kitkatt Nohr, Airlock, Holler, Chemistry, Talent, ICL, GP7, Watermelon, S&S South Africa, Genedigi Group, Dreams, Rosetta Marketing Group, Big Fuel, LB Zurich Spillman/Felser, DPZ Group, Nuatt, Schwartz, Brand Connections, Gomye, Wangfan, Ciszewski) net of disposals
By growing with the child and allowing later modifications, C4L provides an efficient and long term dimension to innovation and lays the foundations for proposed transformations within wheelchair services.