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Automakers often register trademarks for names they want to protect from being used by other companies, so the discovery of these latest trademarks should not be taken as confirmation that Volvo will actually launch cars with the C40 and C60 names.
Designed and built by one of the UK's leading autoclave manufacturers, the Priorclave compact C60 autoclave with its 60 litre stainless steel chamber can accommodate easily ten one-litre or sixteen 500ml bottles, alternatively six one-litre Erlenmeyer flasks.
The C60 design for Allen's new boat is from Shaun Carkeek, considered one of the yacht racing world's top race boat designers, following on from success in drawing the lines of winning TP52S for the Med race circuit.
C60 particles were agglomerated during handling but partially deagglomerated when sonicated (Figure 3B and C, respectively).
Tandberg believes that the Profile and the Codec C60 will generate wide-spread interest in the region.
The first release, the percussive ``C30, C60, C90, Go,'' was the world's first cassette single, but the label refused to promote the so-called ``cassingle'' because the song was a subversive ode to home taping; its B-side was blank.
20pm on Friday on the C60 in Shadforth, County Durham, when the motorist was driving his blue Rover 214 along Church Lane.
It happened on the C60 road, Church Lane, Shadforth, County Durham, at 11.
The UT Health Science Center noted that C60, a spherical carbon molecule also known as a fullerene or "bucky ball," proved the exception, exhibiting no effect on human platelet aggregation and very little effect on rat thrombosis.
The company said the C60 molecule is the "roundest and most symmetrical large molecule known to man," and is able to absorb "large numbers of hydrogen atoms -- almost one hydrogen atom for each carbon atom.
Following a strong demand and rapid adoption of the IronPort C60 by the Global 2000, IronPort Systems has introduced the IronPort C30 email Messaging Gateway appliance targeted for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).
IronPort, which received $29m in Series C funding in October, currently sells a mail gateway appliance called the C60, using in part technology provided by Brightmail Inc, a provider of spam filtering services.