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C70Coupe 70 (Volvo)
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Keyless drive makes it possible to lock, unlock and start the C70 without the need for a key.
The C70 is one of the most spacious coupe cabriolets on the market, while the C30 is an innovative four-seat hatchback with an emphasis on style and driving dynamics.
In the case of the C70 the power output is 180bhp with a hefty 350Nm of torque or pulling power.
In the event of a side impact, the C70 utilizes the latest version of Volvo's Side Impact Protection System, which relies on the B-pillars to act as the main intrusion inhibitor.
It is what many people believe the C70 should have been from the start, with the flexibility of a folding steel roof.
The five cylinder engine pumps out 193bhp and that gives the C70 a performance to match its status.
Volvo Cars Corporation, a Sweden-based automaker, is withdrawing production of the C70 convertible at the Pininfarina Sverige AB plant at Uddevalla, Sweden, by 2013.
NEW ADDITIONS New technology has come to the aid of Volvo's stylish C70 coupe cabriolet.
In the C70, the 136bhp unit achieves a top speed of just under 130mph with acceleration to 60mph in 11 seconds, economy of 45mpg and a CO2 rating of 161g/km.
Later this summer, the competition will be even hotter with the arrival of the Volvo C70 D5.
The previous model was a convertible with a canvas roof, whereas the latest C70 is a coupe cabriolet with a retractable steel one - and that improves vehicle security.