C7FCommander Seventh Fleet
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It was a monumental effort across our Enterprise from Yokosuka to Singapore and even Hong Kong, with help from the C7F country teams, and even the Embassy in Tokyo.
During Joint and combined operations and exercises, C7F N4 serves as the fusion cell for logistics command and control of all classes of supply, and delivery of logistics service capabilities to include:
Forces Korea (USFK) J4, both Supply Corps officers and Storekeepers from CNFK, CNFK Reserve Detachments, and C7F participate as Naval Forces Liaison Officers (LNO) to the Joint Sustainment Command (JSC) and Logistics Readiness Center located at Camp Henry in Daegu Logistics Hub.
Well-organized, supportive and very proactive, USNS Concord effectively dotted the i's and crossed the t's during two challenging vertical replenishment evolutions in C7F with USS John C.
C7F is the largest of the Navy forward-deployed fleets and operates in the Western Pacific, Indian Ocean and Arabian Gulf and over 10,000 miles from the West Coast of the United States.
C7F directly supports the three principal elements of U.
First, C7F can be assigned as a Joint Task Force commander in the event of natural disaster or joint military operation.