C8bComponent 8 Beta Gene
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For more than 35 years he has worked in many areas of materials science, including vitrification/management of radioactive wastes, environmental remediation, sensor development, corrosion of materials, hydrogen storage, renewable/ alternative energy systems, nuclear disarmament, C8B agents, and a variety of new medical initiatives.
ROCIT ROCIM ROCIOP ROCIT ROCIM ROCIOP A9A POSO1 POSO1 NEGO5 A9B A9C POS01 POSO1 NEG05 A9D A9E POSO1 C8A NEGO1 NEGO1 C8B NEGO1 NEGO5 C8C NEG10 NEGO1 NEG05 C8D POSO1 POSO1 NEG = Negative; POS = Positive; Suffix 01 = Correlation is Significant at 0.
Human C8 contains three non-identical subunits (C8a = 64 kDa, C8b = 64 kDa, C8g = 22 kDa) arranged as a disulfide linked C8a-g heterodimer that is noncovalently associated with C8b.