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CA-CP helps partners, their constituents, and other regional opinion leaders and stakeholders understand the impacts of global warming and its best available solutions, through comprehensive outreach efforts celebrating commitment, innovation and success in climate action.
Working with CA-CP and future partners of the program, we will all better understand the environmental impact of our food choices, and make both personal and environmentally responsible decisions about the foods we choose," Stemen added.
Our partnership with CA-CP and the implementation of our Plan for Climate Action is a critical step for addressing the very challenges that are facing us as we travel to the poles and the pristine corners of the earth," said Sven Lindblad, president and founder of Lindblad Expeditions.
CA-CP makes this happen by purchasing and retiring "renewable energy credits" from NativeEnergy, allowing participating households to enjoy a year of "climate-neutral" living.
CA-CP, through the services of Vermont-based NativeEnergy, uses contributions to provide financial support to fledgling renewable energy projects, which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming, such as carbon dioxide (CO2).
CA-CP will purchase green tags from Native Energy on behalf of Ben & Jerry's to mitigate the CO2 emissions associated with the distribution of the milkshakes across the country.
CA-CP works with companies to save energy and reduce greenhouse gases.
As part of the CA-CP annual meeting, Fairchild provided a tour of the South Portland manufacturing plant, during which the company showcased a number of projects designed to reduce GHG emissions by reducing electrical and fuel consumption.
According to Adam Markham, chief executive officer of CA-CP, its decision to focus on Pittsburgh was driven by Pennsylvania's role in greenhouse gas emissions.
CA-CP will ensure that the energy credits are not subsequently acquired or claimed by any other organization.
CA-CP published "Cool Solutions for Global Warming: 24 Success Stories from the Northeast," highlighting case studies describing innovative projects and their outcomes in all eight northeastern states.