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CA-IICarbonic Anhydrase Type II Isozyme
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In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the fishery closure, other disturbed sites were sampled surrounding CA-II (i.
At shallow sites, the interaction term (disturbance x year) was used to evaluate whether differences between sites inside and outside of CA-II increased over time because of the continued recovery of organisms in CA-II.
At shallow sites, the cover of five out of six taxa of colonial epifauna differed significantly between undisturbed and disturbed sites located, respectively, inside and outside of CA-II (Fig.
As a result, variables truly affected by the establishment of CA-II should have significant interaction terms in their corresponding two-way ANOVA, as well as exhibit significant differences between disturbance categories and among years.
Of the four species that defined 88% of the similarity among undisturbed transects inside CA-II (i.