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CA-IICarbonic Anhydrase Type II Isozyme
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In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the fishery closure, other disturbed sites were sampled surrounding CA-II (i.
At shallow sites, the interaction term (disturbance x year) was used to evaluate whether differences between sites inside and outside of CA-II increased over time because of the continued recovery of organisms in CA-II.
At shallow sites, the cover of five out of six taxa of colonial epifauna differed significantly between undisturbed and disturbed sites located, respectively, inside and outside of CA-II (Fig.
As a result, variables truly affected by the establishment of CA-II should have significant interaction terms in their corresponding two-way ANOVA, as well as exhibit significant differences between disturbance categories and among years.
Of the four species that defined 88% of the similarity among undisturbed transects inside CA-II (i.
Conclusion: A significant correlation was observed between the development of DRP and serum CA-II autoantibody levels in type 1 diabetic cases.
8) CA-II has been documented in the ciliary body epithelial cells, retinal Muller cells, the retinal pigment epithelium, cone photoreceptors, and the choriocapillaris.
All of the collected specimens were assayed in the biochemistry laboratory during the same time frame using the ELISA method to measure CA-I and CA-II autoantibody levels.
Furthermore, independent samples t-test was used to compare CA-I and CA-II autoantibody levels between all of the diabetic patients in groups 1 and 2 (n=37) and the healthy subjects in group 3 (n=38).
A weak correlation was detected between diabetic patients' HbA1c and CA-II autoantibody levels (r=0.