CA-MRSACommunity Acquired Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus
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Skin-to-skin contact among players with traumatic lesions or abscesses has tentatively emerged as the primary mechanism of CA-MRSA transmission between athletes, although equipment sharing and poor hygiene have also been implicated in the spread of contagions (Cohen, 2005; Turbeville et al.
6) In addition, the incidence of pediatric infections due to CA-MRSA, including children with no identifiable risk factors, has increased worldwide.
In the United States, virtually all CA-MRSA infections are caused by a PVL-positive clone of pulsed-field type USA300 (5).
The first report of CA-MRSA was indicated from Australia in 1990, and consequently more reports from countries like: France, Finland, New Zealand, and England.
Conclusion: Our findings suggest that CA-MRSA could be responsible for the majority of the infections caused by MRSA within the hospital at which the study took place.
CA-MRSA strains carry SCCmec type IV or V whereas the majority of HAMRSA strains carry SCCmec type I II or III.
Also among MRSA isolates HA-MRSA were having more resistance rate to various antibiotics than CA-MRSA.
11) Devido a sua disseminacao nos hospitais e servicos de saude, a definicao de CA-MRSA esta atualmente em debate e outras denominacoes como, MRSA de perfil comunitario (community-like MRSA) ou MRSA nao multirresistente (non-multiresistant MRSA) tem sido sugeridas e utilizadas na comunidade cientifica.
Ja na decada de 80 foram observados os primeiros casos de infeccoes por CA-MRSA, ou seja, cepas MRSA em pacientes sem fatores de risco conhecidos.
En los ultimos 12 anos ha aparecido CA-MRSA a nivel mundial, en adultos y especialmente en ninos y jovenes previamente sanos, sin los factores de riesgo tradicionalmente descritos, ocasionado infecciones severas de piel, partes blandas y lesiones extensas como neumonia necrosante, osteomielitis y sepsis (8).
3,4) From 1993 to 2005, the impact of CA-MRSA nearly tripled emergency department SSTI visits in the USA.