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CA7Computer Associates 7 (Mainframe Production Control Scheduling Program of Batch Jobs)
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R&D Centre, Wigton, Cumbria, CA7 9XX, UK, Tel: +44 (0) 16973 42281, Web: www.
According to an alert from NASA's Asteroid Watch program, the asteroid is called 2011 CA7 and will fly within 64,300 miles (103,480 kilometers) of Earth, reports Fox News.
Participants responded using self-reported measures on a 5-point Likert scale as to as to their level of CA (see items CA1 to CA7 in Appendix A).
Ibis Organics Ltd, Bank House, Kirkbride, Wigton, Cumbria CA7 5HR.
Surface Specialties PLC, Wigton, Cumbria, CA7 9BG, United Kingdom, Tel: (44)(016973) 42281, Fax (44)(016973) 41417