CAAAClean Air Act Amendments of 1990
CAAACanadian Academic Accounting Association (Ontario, Canada)
CAAACal Aggie Alumni Association (University of California, Davis)
CAAACalifornia Applicants' Attorneys Association
CAAACommission on African American Affairs (Washington)
CAAACrane Army Ammunition Activity
CAAAComprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act
CAAACornell Asian Alumni Association (Cornell University; Ithaca, NY)
CAAACalifornia Agricultural Aircraft Association
CAAAContext-Aware, Adaptive Application
CAAACommuter Airline Association of America
CAAAClean Air Act Authority
CAAACanadian Association of Advertising Agencies
CAAAChinese American Abacus Association
CAAAComposers, Authors, and Artists of America
CAAACoherent Adaptive Antenna Array
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To monitor its transformation efforts, CAAA wanted to revise existing commercial methods to assess the SCM maturity level.
ast stages of SCM development, CAAA used the Ameri ?
After successful testing of the first seven LCRRPR units at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, in the summer of 2016, CAAA stood up the process to complete another 100 units.
Other UAVs in a similar size category include China's 18-kg CAAA CH-803, Israel's 20-kg Aeronautics Orbiter-III and 24-kg BlueBird Aero Systems ThunderB, and Russia's 18-kg Vega/ STC Orlan-10.
Typically, the critique of the RFS centers on a few key issues: (1) the need of energy security in an era of gas and oil fracking and declining domestic liquid fuel consumption, (2) what biofuel costs relative to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction, and (3) unlike the CAAA, technology forcing biofuel policies will not bring growth and prosperity because biofuel will substitute for domestic fossil fuel activities.
Jones quoted Jill Singer, the president of the central coast chapter of the CAAA, as saying McDivitt "had callous indifference and reckless disregard for approving necessary medical treatment and went so far as to deny a court order.
I&M programs began with the CAA of 1970 and became mandatory for certain areas under the CAAA of 1977.
The MOU puts into place a partnership that will see both DLG and CAAA jointly organising a new exhibition, Bio-Energy Expo, to be held alongside CAAA's China Animal Husbandry & Feed Industry Expo (CAHE) in Beijing 16-18 May 2010.
The Clean Air Act Amendments of 1977, the predecessor to the CAAA,
CAAA of 1990 fosters the use and production of fuel ethanol through a mandate of a minimum of 2 percent oxygen content in RFG in several metropolitan areas with high levels of ground-level ozone pollution (Environmental Protection Agency 2006b, 2007).
The 1990 CAAA differs from the 1977 Amendments by establishing new non-attainment requirements for three air pollutants common in cities: ground-level [O.
coals, meeting the stringent requirements of the CAAA.