CAAACClean Air Act Advisory Committee
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According to Caterpillar, Campbell will help CAAAC, a committee consisting of approximately 60 senior managers and experts representing industry, state and local government, environmental and public interest groups, academic institutions, unions, trade associations and utilities, in advising the EPA on issues related to implementing the Clear Air Act amendments of 1990
Oligonucleotide primers used for framing the entire West Nile virus (WNV) genome and the envelope (E) gene, IS98-ST1 N [degrees] Localization in nucleotide the WNV genome at the 5' end Sequence 5'-end 1 AGTAGTTCGCCTGTGTGAGCTGA- CAAAC 3'-end 10,934 (c) AGATCCTGTGTTCTCGCACCAC- CAGCCAC M-gene 889 GGATGGATGCTWGGKAGCAAC NS1-gene 2,557 (c) CCATCCAAGCCTCCACATC (c)=complementary sequence; W=(A+T); K=(G+T).
The CAAAC is a senior-level policy committee appointed by EPA that advises the agency on issues related to implementing the Clean Air Act amendments of 1990.