CAADPComprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme
CAADPCoalition of Arizonans to Abolish the Death Penalty
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It is all in the context of sustaining the CAADP momentum and those of the 2025 and 2063 benchmarks elaborated by the Department of Rural Economy and Agriculture (of the AUC) and the African Union Commission.
Among other collaborative efforts, the MOU focuses on strengthening the cooperation between the two institutions to enhance agricultural policies in Africa for increased productivity, intra-regional trade in agricultural products, promote sustainable natural resource management and to accelerate the implementation of CAADP at national, regional and continental levels.
The workshop included several parts related to the presentation of CAADP, the role of regional organisations in the CAADP Forum and adaptation of the Arab Maghreb Union to climate change, in addition to the presentation of experiences in this field.
President Kibaki said the government has developed Agricultural Sector Development Strategy 2012 to guide the growth of the country's agricultural sector in line with CAADP.
CAADP is designed to eliminate hunger and reduce poverty through agriculture.
It is important to remind that in 2014 January, an assessment report was released to show that only 10 of the 54 African countries had met their CAADP pledges consistently ten years after inception.
The total budget of $251 billion needed for the period 2002 to 2015 to successfully implement the CAADP agricultural development programme, the Governor said, is far from being met, adding that if Africa were to invest annual food import bill and aid of about of $22 billion to agriculture development, it would take the region less than a decade to achieve CAADP s development targets.
The TICAD process will seek alignment with the CAADP agenda to:
The declaration committed African leaders to a systematic regular review process, using the CAADP Results Framework.
Even the 2014 CAADP agenda remains unfinished--countries are yet to agree on exactly what can be counted in the 10% allocation.