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CAADP puts it clearly: "The main players in broad-based economic growth are the smallholder farmers and hence there is need to strengthen their capacity and empower them to define and articulate their requirements in terms of services and technology; organise themselves to better access inputs, services and markets and conduct their own agricultural experimentation; and establish a strong voice for themselves in the policy and institutional building process.
CAADP which is short for the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme is an African Union initiative established in 2003 to accelerate agricultural growth, improve food security, nutrition, and increase incomes in Africa's largely farm- based economies.
We at the AU and Nepad will use this report thoroughly, and it will help us be more intelligent in our implementation processes for CAADP," Mayaki said.
CAADP is a growth-oriented agricultural development agenda, aimed at increasing agriculture growth rates to 6 percent per year, and creating the wealth needed for rural communities and households to prosper.
The AU Commission will define continental policies, the CAADP agriculture, and PIDA (Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa) will concentrate on infrastructure.
African countries should more rigorously implement CAADP and its investment plans, including the 2003 Maputo Declaration (See sections 2.
CAADP is an Africa-led and Africa-owned AU-NEPAD initiative aimed at rationalising and revitalising African agriculture to achieve economic growth and eradicating poverty.
Consequently, to effectively address Africa's agricultural challenges, he said CTA had realigned its activities with prioritised activities identified by governments through CAADP programmes.
As of May 2011, 26 countries had signed the CAADP compact and incorporated it into their agricultural strategies.
By May 2011, 26 African governments had signed CAADP "compacts" committing them to increase agricultural investments (see African Renewal, April 2011).
Following the signing of CAADP by minister for finance Mr.