CAADSCalifornia Association of Adult Day Services
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Although previous studies based on total scores obtained with the parallel forms of the CAADS have reported a high degree of equivalence between the two forms, the present results show that a large number of items exhibit differential item functioning.
The CAADS scale, used here as an illustration, has more than one item for each behavioral criterion, but this is not essential, as our approach to analyses requires only one pair of items to be evaluated for DIF.
Table 1 Results of the analysis of differential functioning of behavioral indicators on the CAADS Item Form A Form B ME SD r ME SD r 1 1.
CAADS staff has researched each of the programs, and has included detailed descriptions such as the types of adult day services and programs available, how to select an adult day services program and a self-assessment guide.
Consumers can contact these organizations to access the directory, get information from the CAADS Web site or purchase the directory from CAADS.