CAAECalifornia Alliance for Arts Education
CAAECanadian Association for Adult Education (est. 1935)
CAAECouncil of Alumni Association Executives
CAAECoalition for Affordable American Energy (est. 2008)
CAAEChinese Academy of Agricultural Engineering (now Planning & Design Institute; Ministry of Agriculture; est. 1979)
CAAEConventional Arms, Ammunition & Explosives
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An aliquot of mitochondria (100[micro]g protein) was preincubated with CAAE (30 min) and later challenged with 3-NPA (2mM).
The modulatory effect of CAAE on 3-NPA-induced lipid peroxidation in mitochondria of various brain regions in vitro were determined according to the procedure described earlier with modifications.
9, File, "Association for Civil Liberties, 1949," Canadian Association for Adult Education, memo explaining Committee on Group Relations in Canada, also minutes of "emergency meeting," CAAE Committee on Group Relations in Canada, Ottawa, 14 November 1949; OJA, JPRC Minutes, 23 November 1949; pamphlet, Canadian Association for Adult Education, Should We Have Fair Employment Practices Acts in Canada?
In Canada, by contrast, a community-wide effort undertaken by the CAAE rejected the thesis of class conflict and assumed, instead, that Canada was best served by an inclusive adult education movement.
Kidd, Learning and Society (Toronto 1961); Michael Welton "'On the Eve of a Great Mass Movement': Reflections on the Origins of the CAAE," in Frank Cassidy and Ron Faris, eds.
The Official Inauguration of the CAAE will take place on June 24, 2005 at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing with professional conferences to follow on the 25th.
says Rex Combs from CAAE Services, a Domain Direct customer.