CAAFICommercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (FAA)
CAAFICivil Aviation Authority of the Fiji Islands (regulatory agency)
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Rolls-Royce is involved in several alternative fuel programmes, including CAAFI, CLEEN (Continuous Lower Energy, Emissions and Noise Technologies Development) in partnership with BA and the FAA and several others.
CAAFI has the imprimatur of existing legislation, a strong push from monied defense interests and high horsepower influence of companies like Pratt & Whitney, GE, American Airlines and Boeing, whose lunch accounts exceed the entire R&D budgets of Lycoming and Continental combined.
As a member of CAAFI, the airline has followed the progress of alternative fuel technologies.
CAAFI expects ASTM to publish a fuel specification for 50 percent HRJ blends next year, paving the way for commercial production and airline use of up to 50 percent HRJ blends derived from sources such as jatropha, camelina and algae with petroleum-derived jet fuel.
Through CAAFI, the industry is striving to have biofuels certified for commercial aviation use between 2010 and 2013," she stressed.