CAAGClean Air Action Group (est. 1988; Hungary)
CAAGConditioned Air Association of Georgia
CAAGCompound Average Annual Growth
CAAGChild Abuse Action Group (est. 1994; South Africa)
CAAGCommunity AIDS Action Group (Bloomington, IN)
CAAGCentral Asia Archaeological Group (Uzbekistan)
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The companies that are party to the Providers' Proposal are: ASL Services, CAAG, CONVO, Purple Communications, Sorenson Communications, and Z VRS.
a The Flight Safety Foundation's CAAG has so far conducted 29 highly successful workshops around the world, and the Tripoli workshop was the 30th one.
To secure the payment of the Second Tranche, CHL has agreed to grant CAAG at the Closing a first priority, fixed and continuing pledge over 60% of Casino Beograd's issued shares (reflecting two thirds of CHL's holding in Casino Beograd upon Closing), which will be removed upon payment to CAAG of the Second Tranche.
Of the core IC components, the applications processor represents the biggest growth opportunity for handset IC suppliers, with sales to manufacturers expected to reach over $2 billion in 2008 at a CAAG of 120%.
THE CAAG meeting (originally due for Monday, October 10) has been rescheduled for November 7 at the EA offices in Skinnerburn Road.
Research firm Allied Business Intelligence (ABI) predicts that the number of WLAN enabled notebook users is ramping up, with an expected CAAG of 79%, reaching a potential 58 million users by 2008.
Local angling is going to benefit thanks to the efforts of Ben Thompson, Regional CAAG Organiser for the Tyne and Wear County Action Group.
Research firm Allied Business Intelligence (ABI) projects a CAAG of 49% for 3G gear spending from 2002 to 2007.
Monday: A CAAG meeting is scheduled for Tyneside House.
There will also be a worldwide jump in broadband subscribers from 5 million in 1999 to 91 million in 2005, a CAAG rate of 160%.
Governmental agencies garnered 15% of the total biometric industry revenue for 2002 -- For year ending 2003, the biometric industry will generate $153 million in total revenue -- Between 2000 and 2007 total biometric revenue is set to grow at a CAAG of 47%.
Tyne & Wear CAAG hold their AGM between 7-9pm at EA offices, Tyneside House, Newcastle.