CAAMCentro Atlantico de Arte Moderno (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)
CAAMChina Association of Automobile Manufacturers
CAAMColegio de Agricultura y Artes Mecánicas
CAAMComputer Assisted Artillery Meteorology
CAAMComposite Area Analysis Model
CAAMConsumers Active Against Malware
CAAMConventional Airfield Attack Missile
CAAMCoalition of American Assyrians and Maronites
CAAMChristian Advocates for Adolescents Midsouth (Bartlett, TN)
CAAMCredit Agricole Asset Management
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The good performance by the automobile industry in the first half of this year is mainly because of the efficient measures China had put in place to counter the financial crisis, and the different stimulus policies targeting the automobile industry,'' CAAM said in its report.
The funds are based on the CAAM Group's extensive experience and invest exclusively in Sharia compliant instruments or products, giving investors the opportunity to diversify their equity asset allocation thanks to the different investment processes (quantitative, active and multi-management) or country exposure (BRIC, Asia ex-Japan, Global Equities).
The architectural projects exhibited at CAAM, however, (and this goes for several of the other venues as well] consisted of projects that were several years old, previously published and only tenuously linked to the biennial theme.
The spikes of their recently shined baseball shoes cut a new and unique niche in the sturdy pillar that symbolized the national pastime's historical advancement in this country," wrote famed black sportswriter Wendell Smith in a 1946 Negro League yearbook that's part of the CAAM display.
CAAM notes that "alternative agricultural media have blossomed along with eco-friendly, sustainable farm practices, which are at loggerheads with the `bannered' green revolution agriculture.
Presentation at 2012 China Automobile Forum jointly organized by CAAM and OICA
8 percent surge year-on-year in the first quarter, according to industry group CAAM.
HEINKENSCHLOSS, Analysis of the streamline upwind/Petrov Galerkin method applied to the solution ofoptimal control problems, Technical Report CAAM TR02-01, Dept.
Fund Channel, a fund distribution logistical platform wholly owned by CAAM Luxembourg, is selling a stake to BNPP IP.
The CAAM exhibit begins in its spacious sculpture court with a display of images, documents and artifacts going back to the Dred Scott case, in which a slave attempted to buy his own freedom, and Plessy v.
1% decrease in heavy-duty truck sales in the first six months of 2015, as reported by CAAM.
We think the growth in both sales and production would not increase as fast as what we saw in the previous two years," CAAM said.