CAARCharlottesville Area Association of Realtors (Charlottesville, VA)
CAARCentre for Accounting and Auditing Research
CAARCombat After Action Report
CAARCataract, Autosomal Recessive, Early-Onset, Pulverulent
CAARCapital Acquisition Authorisation Requests
CAARConsortium of Automotive Aftermarket Retailers (UK)
CAARCommittee Against Academic Repression
CAARClub des Amateurs d'Anciennes Renault (French: Club of Lovers of Old Renault; automobile enthusiast group)
CAARCapital Area Association of Realtors (Illinois)
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For example, Tropical Storm Allison (ranked #28) had a CAAR of 8.
We also report precision weighted CAAR (PWCAAR) and test results.
Table 1 Market Model Abnormal Returns Event N Mean PWCAAR Positive- Window CAAR Negative (0, 0) 91 1.
Viewing Panel B the evidence supports the announcement effect (Hypothesis 1) with a CAAR of -14.
CAAR for each firm (i) in each year (t) is calculated as
The CAAR is the summation of abnormal returns over a given period.
We also calculate the CAAR over multi-day event windows.
To test the statistical significance of AAR and CAAR and consequently to test the first hypothesis (H1), Boehmer, Musumeci, and Poulsen's (BMP, 1991) standardized cross-sectional t-test is applied (Farrell & Frame, 1997).
Zulfi Caar Hydari, Chief Executive of EIIB, said, "Rasmala has a strong asset management platform and we are fully committed to expanding this business across the MENA region.
Zulfi Caar Hydari, Chief Executive of EIIB said, "Rasmala has a strong regional franchise, and together with EIIB's international capital markets and asset management experience this will be a powerful partnership to seize current opportunities in the GCC.
Table 1: Cumulative average abnormal returns for debt events Event CAAR Std.