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CAASCivil Aviation Authority of Singapore
CaaSCommunications-as-a-Service (outsourcing model for enterprise communications)
CAASCommission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services
CAASCommon Avionics Architecture System
CAASCenter for Alcohol and Addiction Studies
CAASChet Atkins Appreciation Society (Nashville, TN)
CAASChinese Academy of Agricultural Science
CAASCentral Arkansas Astronomical Society
CAASCardiovascular Angiography Analysis System
CAASCanadian Association of African Studies
CaaSCompute-as-a-Service (Verizon)
CAASCriticality Accident Alarm System (nuclear)
CAASCenter for Afro-American and African Studies
CAASContractor Advisory and Assistance Services
CAASCruise Agent Accreditation Scheme (PSARA; United Kingdom)
CAASCommon Aviation Architecture System (US DoD)
CAASContract Advisory Assistance Services
CAASChloride Aqueous Actinide Separation
CAASCommercial Activity Automated System
CAASContractor Assistance and Advisory Service
CAASCommunity Accounting Aid Service
CAASComputer-Aided Assessment System
CAASCommon Authentication and Authorization Service
CAASChangi Aviation Authority of Singapore
CAASComputer Apathy and Anxiety Scale
CAASCombined Artillery/Aviation Simulator
CAASCombined Arms And Support
CAASChemical Agent Alarm System
CaaSClassroom as a Service (trademark of VisiLearn, LLC)
CAASCentre for Academic and Administrative Studies (India)
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In response to this need, PMI developed CAAS MRV, a sophisticated software that provides quantitative analyses of cardiovascular magnetic resonance images.
CAAS had earlier created such a model for the Vienna Science Festival where Vienna was envisioned as a " smart city even growing its crops vertically within the buildings" and which was later included in science textbooks in Vienna.
With a potentially viable working definition of aggression, Maxwell and Moores could then focus on well known antecedents of aggression, specifically aggressiveness and anger, when designing the CAAS.
Rockwell Collins is the software integrator for CAAS and also will provide multi-function displays, control display units, and general processing units shared by all three helicopters.
For more information about the Coalition for the Advancement of Aboriginal Studies, visit the CAAS Web site at www.
CAAS needs to grow Singapore's air traffic management capacity to keep pace with the rate of growth of traffic at Changi and the region.
The CAAS statistics show the total grain loss from various natural disasters has reached 303.
Contract awarded for Provision of Manpower Services for the Development of the CAAS Information Management Network
The CAAS said that the system includes HITT's Display and Processing System, together with Era's MSS network of multilateration and ADS-B sensors and SQUID vehicle tracking units.
CAAS and EASA will now exchange information and analyses on airworthiness and flight operations matters pertaining to the aircraft.
A spokesperson for Singapore airport operator CAAS said that talks were still in progress but declined any further comment.
As China's largest steering system group, CAAS operates its business through its eight subsidiaries.