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CAATCenter for Alternatives to Animal Testing (Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health)
CAATCampaign Against Arms Trade (UK)
CAATComputer Assisted Audit Tools
CAATCollege of Applied Arts and Technology (Ontario Canada)
CAATCanadian Adult Achievement Test
CAATCombined Anti-Armor Team
CAATComputer-Assisted Audit Tools
CAATComputer-Assisted Audit Technique
CAATControlled Amino Acid Therapy (cancer treatment)
CAATCowley Activities Awareness Team (Arkansas City, KS)
CAATCommunity Awareness Action Team (Westminster, CO)
CAATCombined Arms Assessment Team (US Army)
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CAAT deals with unstructured information the way most people do--in terms of the topics, concepts, and knowledge and insights contained within it.
Richard Bingley, of CAAT, said: 'It is wrong that organisations promoting social good at home, earn money from investing in companies that sell weapons into conflict areas and openly seek to divert resources away from development abroad.
CAAi will be providing audit preparation assistance to CAAT to help resolve the SSC.
7 million shares in all six of the arms companies studied in the CAAT report, said it was a member of the Local Authority pension fund which aimed to improve the social, environmental and business ethics of companies in which it invested.
Michael Gottesman, MD, Chief of the Laboratory of Cell Biology at the National Cancer Institute and Deputy Director for Intramural Research, National Institutes of Health, and Thomas Hartung, MD, PhD of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Director of CAAT, delivered keynote presentations at the oneday event.
According to CAAT, the UK government has since approved Au2.
Integration of Content Analyst Analytical Technology (CAAT) - Fios has added CAAT to Fios Prevail to help clients quickly identify, analyze and tag potentially relevant ESI.
Mark Bitel, of CAAT Scotland, said: "It was a great shock to learn the EISF accept funding from Selex ES Finmeccanica.
The same capability that provides conceptual search also drives automatic classification, dynamic clustering, and summarization, making Content Analyst's CAAT platform a leading choice for providers of content management, workflow, and eDiscovery solutions.
CAAT has published share information that reveals the true extent of Midland investment in companies manufacturing weapons.
CAAT works by analyzing entire documents, based on concepts versus keyword or search terms, and identifying appropriate categories and documents even if key search terms aren't present in those documents.