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CAATCenter for Alternatives to Animal Testing (Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health)
CAATCampaign Against Arms Trade (UK)
CAATCollege of Applied Arts and Technology (Ontario Canada)
CAATCanadian Adult Achievement Test
CAATCombined Anti-Armor Team
CAATComputer-Assisted Audit Tools
CAATComputer-Assisted Audit Technique
CAATControlled Amino Acid Therapy (cancer treatment)
CAATCommunity Awareness Action Team (Westminster, CO)
CAATCombined Arms Assessment Team (US Army)
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The list of MPs was procured by several CAAT campaigners, who group spokesman Andrew Smith said went into the event and picked up copies.
CAAT spokesman Mike Lewis said: "Local authorities are making direct investment in companies supplying appalling weaponry to repressive regimes.
CAAT said BAE refused to disclose information needed to help identify who sent BAE the email.
CAAT said Edinburgh Castle was wrong to host events for Selex in 2012 and QinetiQ in 2013.
CAAT is an academic, science-based center affiliated with the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health.
Performing a CAAT audit procedure leads to a consistent quality of working paper documentation because automated procedures eliminate the difference in work of different auditors.
Symon Hill, a spokesman for CAAT said yesterday: "We are in principle opposed to this type of investment, especially by public bodies.
CAAT spokesman Symon Hill said, "Cardiff University tries the old trick of pointing out that Rolls- Royce produces civilian as well as military products.
Profits from Friday will be donated to Amnesty International, CND and CAAT.
We were able to do so much more than just bolt it onto the side - the marriage of Inspicio[R]'s existing feature set with the abilities CAAT provides-well, it's really a match made in heaven.
CAAT said it welcomed the enquiry when it was announced in September 2012 ((http://www.