CAATSCanadian Automated Air Traffic System
CAATSCooperative Approach to Air Traffic Services
CAATSCalifornia Alliance of Advanced Transportation Systems
CAATSComputer-Assisted Aircraft Trouble Shooting System
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In addition to CAATS, CALL has attached liaison officers to the divisions in Iraq, and two liaison officers to the multi-national headquarters in Afghanistan.
Controllers will use the software to begin early system familiarization and demonstrations of CAATS flight management capability, prior to final installation of the operational software.
CAATS offers the controller the option of a paper-free environment and very advanced functions such as 4-dimensional conflict probe and clearance validation.
The Hughes Aircraft-built CAATS replaces aging equipment with advanced technologies to improve both air navigation system and airline efficiencies.
The system will now undergo an integration process with the CAATS new radar display family, which is expected to take between eight and ten months according to a company statement.
Although the preliminary conference program will not be available until mid-July, additional information and conference registration is available on the CAATS website, http://www.
For more information, or to register for what promises to be an outstanding event, contact CAATS at 916-325-0470.
The honor is awarded to one company a year and was announced at the CAATS annual meeting this week.
CAATS was presented the prestigious award at ITS America's annual awards ceremony in Boston last month in recognition of its superior accomplishments this past year.
Hughes and MacDonald Dettwiler first started working together in 1989 on the CAATS project for Transport Canada.
Registration and information is available on CAATS web site at www.