CAATSCanadian Automated Air Traffic System
CAATSCooperative Approach to Air Traffic Services
CAATSCalifornia Alliance of Advanced Transportation Systems
CAATSComputer-Assisted Aircraft Trouble Shooting System
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In addition to CAATS, CALL has attached liaison officers to the divisions in Iraq, and two liaison officers to the multi-national headquarters in Afghanistan.
The system will now undergo an integration process with the CAATS new radar display family, which is expected to take between eight and ten months according to a company statement.
The CAATS Award for Excellence is an powerful endorsement of the Command Audio on-demand/interactive audio service," said Command Audio CEO Don Bogue.
The Hughes Aircraft-built CAATS replaces aging equipment with advanced technologies to improve both air navigation system and airline efficiencies.
The software demonstrates the advanced automation features of CAATS.
Terms and conditions of the CAATS contract transfer were agreed to by Hughes Aircraft and NAV CANADA on Oct.
I'm pleased with the successful completion of the negotiation, and I am looking forward to the delivery of the CAATS program and the establishment of a major element for the future system," said Ken Copeland, president and chief executive officer of NAV CANADA.
Hughes and MacDonald Dettwiler first started working together in 1989 on the CAATS project for Transport Canada.