CAAZCivil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe
CAAZConstruction Authorization Application
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Though it had promised to restart normal operations by Thursday, October 29, flyafrica says it continues to be in talks with CAAZ with a view to relaunching normal flights by Thursday, November 5.
It said, "Although constructive dialogue is underway with CAAZ, rather than create continued uncertainty for flyafrica Zimbabwe s customers booked on flights over the next few days on whether flights will operate or not, the airline has taken the difficult decision to suspend all flights for this period to allow time for resolution between the airline and CAAZ.
A representative of the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) stated that the agency had submitted its recommendations to the ministry following the negotiations and indicated that CAAZ had the authority to negotiate on behalf of the government.
The letter written to the South African team had apparently claimed that CAAZ did not have the right to negotiate an open skies agreement, according to the Zimbabwe Independent.
fastjet Zimbabwe obtained its Air Service Licence in March 2015 and has since been working with CAAZ to obtain the AOC, which was granted yesterday.
According to CAAZ chairperson Advocate Jacob Madenda, new airlines' entry into Zimbabwe air market reinstates recovery of the country s economy.
According to David Chawota, the CAAZ chief executive officer, work at the Harare International Airport involved putting in place taxiway surfaces and working on the highway.