CABACContext Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding (video coding algorithm)
CABACChildren Affected by Armed Conflict
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Data is compressed much more efficiently with CABAC than CAVLC; but CABAC encoding needs much more processing power to drive it.
Although CAVLC is less complex than CABAC, it is still much more efficient than other techniques used in coefficient encoding, such as that used in MPEG-4 encoding.
VSOFTS is ready to assist by enabling HD cameras and content servers using FPGA or ASICs with AVC-Intra and CABAC IP Cores," said President of VSOFTS, Irena Terterov.
These instructions are optimized for the most performance-intensive algorithms used in video processing, including: CABAC, which achieves higher compression in H.
264/MPEG-4 AVC Main Profile -- CABAC only -- (AAC LC) / Baseline Profile (AAC LC) -- AVI - Mmotion JPEG (Linear PCM or .
264 encoding at full 1920x1080 resolution with both CABAC and MBAFF (Macro-Block Adaptive Field/Frame) to provide the highest quality video at any given bit rate.
The core includes support for the complete set of AVC tools, including Context-Based Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding CABAC and Context Adaptive Variable-Length coding (CAVLC).
It employs micro engines which handle complex functions like CABAC, Motion Compensation, Motion Vector Prediction and De-Blocking for H.
It utilizes advanced motion search algorithms and coding tools such as CABAC to achieve the higher resolutions at low bit rates.
Delivering rich quality video at around half the bandwidth of traditional MPEG-2, the ME1001 provides selectable support for advanced features such as CABAC entropy coding, macro block adaptive field frame coding, weighted prediction and de-blocking filter.
Sandeep Vij, vice president of worldwide marketing said "With support for advanced features such as CABAC entropy coding, macro block adaptive field frame coding and de-blocking filter, the Modulus Video MPEG-4 AVC encoders featuring Xilinx Virtex4 FPGA technology deliver the maximum video quality at the lowest bit rates.
Due to improved coding tools (enhanced motion estimation, CABAC coding, loop filtering.