CABBICalifornia Association of Bed and Breakfast Inns
CABBICommunity Acquired Blood-Borne Infections (Blood-Borne Pathogens Division; Health Canada; Canada)
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We at CH&LA and CABBI are grateful for her commitment to our industry and appreciate her dedication.
CABBI is California's largest association of professional innkeepers and certified bed and breakfast inns.
This award belongs to both CABBI and CH&LA for having the vision to unify as a single association.
Congratulations to CH&LA and CABBI on a giant step toward unifying the tourism industry.
This strategic partnership will allow CH&LA to concentrate on critical legislative, economic and educational issues pertinent to the California lodging industry, while CABBI focuses intently on developing and implementing targeted marketing opportunities for California bed and breakfast inns.
We are pleased to partner with the most influential state lodging association anywhere," said CABBI Board of Directors President Stephen Willey.