CABEICentral American Bank for Economic Integration (Costa Rica)
CABEICentral American Bank of Economic Integration
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CABEI esta extendiendo su area de influencia para incluir a Republica Dominicana, que junto con Centroamerica, forma parte del bloque comercial CAFTA con Estados Unidos.
CABEI is expanding its coverage area to also include the Dominican Republic, which along with Central America forms part of the CAFTA trade bloc with the United States.
CABEI was established under a 'Constitutive Agreement' signed by founding members, which confers on the bank the status of a supranational institution and grants CABEI several immunities and privileges, including preferred creditor status.
The outlook revision, highlighting the upside rating potential, reflects the shareholder support and the growing franchise value of CABEI as evidenced in the agreement of its members to provide new paid-in capital, S&P explained.
As CABEI is the main provider of long-term funding the region, Fitch considers that its shareholders have a vested interest in supporting it, should it run into difficulties.
CIFI was founded by a group of international and multilateral financial institutions that includes among others, Caja Madrid, IIC, and CABEI, which provide operational support for CIFI's activities in addition to funding facilities.
Honduran political turmoil in 2009 illustrated the fragility of shareholder commitment to CABEI under a stress scenario, although this situation was resolved and relations have been normalized.
The Govt of Costa Rica announced the construction of a new hospital in the province of Puntarenas, with a loan of $100 million from CABEI, reports Nacion.
Senior Loan participants include CABEI, FMO, the Danish Export Credit Agency (EKF) and the Belgian Investment Company for Developing Countries (BIO).