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CABERCenter for Applied Behavioral and Evaluation Research
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Matt Schenck of Springfield was shown the finer points of the stone throw (similar to tossing a shot put) and the caber toss.
The Caber Deposit contains "Indicated Resources" of 484, 000 t @ 0.
WOOD EFFORT The biggest caber tossing event in Inverness in 2014
local time, said Alberto Caber, spokesperson of the military's Eastern Mindanao Command.
Can I tile over floorboards and sheet fl ooring - I think it's called caber flooring - the two types of flooring meet in the middle of the bathroom.
The sports included tossing the caber, standing long jump, weight for height, kiltie dash, Highland steps and weight for distance.
He can launch a 25 kilo weight over his head like he was flipping a coin and is a master at tossing a 25ft caber.
TODAY Tossing the caber is just one of the highlights at the Highland Games at Blair Castle, Pitlochry, Perthshire.
THE world's smallest man made history yesterday by competing in the caber tossing and shot putt at the Highland Games in Inverness.
The 1995 program is testing new geophysical anomalies located to the north of the Caber deposit discovered last summer.
Featuring the World Caber Tossing Championship, as well as all the usual events.
BILLY Connolly looked more interested in tossing in his sleep than in the tossing of the caber yesterday as he yawned his way through his local Highland games.