CABGAChip Array Bga
CABGAChip Array Ball Grid Array
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The LH79524 32-bit component comes in a 208 CABGA package type for performance driven designs or designs that are area restricted.
0625 compatible to 15 mm Gbit/s Cut- PM8372 PBC 4x2G 196-pin Through-Switch and PM8377 PBC CABGA and link 4x4G 0.
Product Name Package/ Pricing 10 KU Sample Availability Process PM8387 SXP 36x3G 27mm x 27mm $72 December 2004 352-ball CSBGA PM8388 SXP 24x3G 27mm x 27mm $48 December 2004 352-ball CSBGA PM8389 SMC-L 15mm x 15mm $12 October 2004 196-ball CABGA PM8383 SXP 12x3G 23mm x 23mm $21.
0625 Gbit/s register 196-pin CABGA Cut-Through- compatible to 0.
The PM8380 QuadSMX 3G device has a typical power of 800mW and is packaged in an 11x11mm, 100-pin CABGA.
The pin compatible devices are packaged in a 15mm x 15mm CABGA package with a typical power consumption of less than 1.
The PM8372 PBC 4x2G 4-port controller is packaged in a 15 mm x 15 mm 196-pin CABGA package.