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But Porthos was not a man to abandon an old servant, and when Musqueton rose above the water, blind as a new-born puppy, he found he was supported by the large hand of Porthos and that he was thus enabled, without having occasion even to move, to advance toward the cable with the dignity of a very triton.
Ef stickin' out cable don't wake ye, guess you'd better hire a boy o' your own," said Dan, muddling about in the dusk over the tubs full of trawl-line lashed to windward of the house.
He said he knew they had tried to lay a cable ten years ago, but it had been in his mind somehow that they hadn't succeeded!
I will promise that you can cable him a report within two weeks," replied the officer; "but what it will be I dare not say.
The audience dispersed at last, discussing how far they would enjoy crossing an abyss on a wire cable.
In attempting to lift it from its burying place I dis-covered that it seemed to be held fast by means of a very small insulated cable running farther into the sand beneath it.
Once satisfied that they were unarmed, she set them to work cutting the cable which held the Kincaid to her anchorage, for her bold plan was nothing less than to set the steamer adrift and float with her out into the open sea, there to trust to the mercy of the elements, which she was confident would be no more merciless than Nikolas Rokoff should he again capture her.
Then he put on his coat and walked out to the cable station.
And you hang the expedition up here in this hole-in-the- wall waiting for my agent to cable more wheat-money.
Dudna I cable them from Newcastle, tellun' them the old tank was thot foul she needed dry-dock?
a telegram, transmitted by cable from Valentia (Ireland) to Newfoundland and the American Mainland, arrived at the address of President Barbicane.
A level bottom, like that supporting the American cable between Valentia and Newfoundland, is much better.