CAC2SCommon Aviation Command and Control System
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CAC2S gives Marine Corps operators with the unprecedented ability for exchanging mission-critical voice, video, sensor and other command and control data during any mission.
CAC2S will deliver a lighter, leaner and more effective aviation command-and-control system while reducing the overall systems inventory, sustainment and training costs associated with the Marine Corps expeditionary missions, stated by Chris Marzilli, president of General Dynamics C4 Systems.
The CAC2S will provide joint interoperability and integrated systems capability for the Marine Corps with significantly reduced operating and total ownership costs.
This connection will provide exceptional commonality between CAC2S and CLAWS," Smith said.
We are reaching across industry to offer the Marines a technically compliant, scalable, affordable, low-risk capability for its CAC2S program," said Kim Kerry, chief executive officer, ThalesRaytheonSystems, U.
CAC2S is the model for mobile air combat control for expeditionary forces enabled through open architecture and affordable through reuse and the open business model.
CAC2S provides efficient, affordable air command and control capabilities by integrating Navy standard command and control architecture and code while consolidating five existing systems into one common system.
Marines will use CAC2S to prepare for their operational assessment and operational test.
The transition to live testing marks a monumental achievement by the Raytheon-Marine Corps CAC2S team and is a critical enabler for a successful milestone decision and subsequent operational testing, evaluation and transition to initial production," said Rick Yuse, Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems (IDS), vice president of Integrated Air Defense.
We believe CAC2S will serve as the foundation for future Marine Air Ground Task Force operations," Smith continued.
We believe the companies and individual people we have brought together will provide the optimized CAC2S solution for the U.