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CACCCentral Alabama Community College
CACCCenter for Animal Care and Control
CaCCCalcium-Activated Chloride Channel
CACCCanadian Association for Community Care
CACCCommercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd
CACCCancer Advocacy Coalition of Canada (Toronto, ON, Canada)
CACCCroatian American Cultural Center (Sacramento, California)
CACCChristian Anti-Communism Crusade
CACCCatch As Catch Can
CACCCitizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination (Michigan)
CACCChilterns Association of Camera Clubs (United Kingdom)
CACCCalvary Armenian Congregational Church (California)
CACCCenter for Advanced Computing and Communication (North Carolina State University)
CACCCentral Ambulance Communication Centre (Ontario, Canada)
CACCConfederation of Autosport Car Clubs (British Columbia, Canada)
CACCCooperative Adaptive Cruise Control
CACCContinental Africa Chamber of Commerce (Chicago, IL)
CACCCommand And Control Center
CACCCombined Analysis Control Center
CACCCitizens' Action Against Crime (Philippines)
CACCCasper Area Chamber of Commerce (Casper, WY, USA)
CACCCarolyn Arnold Communications Consultant, Inc. (Texas)
CACCCommunications and Configuration Console (NASA)
CACCCrispus Attucks Cultural Center, Inc. (Virginia)
CACCCentral Arkansas Children's Choir
CACCCharleston Area Chamber of Commerce (Illinois)
CACCCentral Arkansas Corvette Club
CACCCricketers Arms Cricket Club (Australia)
CACCClub Atlético Central Córdoba (soccer team; Rosario, Argentina)
CACCCourt Automation Coordinating Committee (Arizona)
CACCCentro d'Arte Contemporanea Chiasso
CACCClarkston Area Chamber of Commerce (Michigan)
CACCCountry Agricultural Consultation Consortium
CACCCommunauté d'Agglomération de Châlons-en-Champagne (French: Agglomeration Community of Chalons-en-Champagne; Chalons-en-Champagne, France)
CACCClaims Automation Coordinating Committee
CACCCentral Alabama Cornhole Club
CACCCanadian Australian Chamber of Commerce
CACCCampaign against Climate Change (various organizations)
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Since the introduction to aviation technology program at the CACC is designed to introduce students to every aspect of the aviation industry, career exploration and research are integral parts of the curriculum.
The models used here have been developed based on the CACC structure described in Gerrit et al [6].
The stable outlook reflects Moody's expectation that CACC will continue
More formally, the AACC and the CACC offer extensive programs to assist entrepreneurs with establishing businesses.
The CACC seeks to reconnect growers and consumers within the state on behalf of more than 100 ag associations, groups and other stakeholders.
The C919 is targeted mainly at filling domestic needs, although CACC also hopes to explore the overseas market.
According to the draft discussion document, CACC will incorporate feedback received during the public meeting, and present a recommendation on the topic to NOSB in September.
It works on a theory that is devilishly simple," said Michael Lovett, an advancement officer at CACC who has assisted in grant writing for the program since 2002.
1]) CAA30 30 799 4 CAA60 60 1228 9 CAA100 100 1302 31 CAA150 150 1402 242 CACC 1200 35 [N.
I am only claiming this community has the ability and certain venues in which to articulate its interest, and it does not center on the CACC.
A discussion of how the CACC experienced a multicultural course and an analysis of the diversity content and context of this course follows.
The CACC was founded in 1988, and is a statewide organizations of colleges and universities, committed to supporting and promoting service-learning and a reciprocal learning opportunity across disciplines.