CACECenter for the Analysis of Commercialism in Education (now Commercialism in Education Research Unit)
CACECenter for Adult and Continuing Education
CACECanadian Association for Community Education
CACEContractor Acquired Operational Equipment
CACEChina Association of Construction Education
CACECatholic Apostolic Church in Europe (est. 2009)
CACECitrus Associates of the New York Cotton Exchange, Inc.
CACEChief Administrator of Catholic Education
CACECambodian Association of Civil Engineers (professional association)
CACEColorado Association of Court Employees
CACEChildren Achieving Competitive Excellence
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In response to this recommendation, the Roche Center for Catholic Education and the CACE department of NCEA are collaborating to create a new Innovations Institute for Catholic Education.
Led by CACE Chairman Liu Liqing, the mainland China's delegation is composed of approximately 150 telecom executives, including China Mobile Vice President Tang Jibin, China Unicom Vice President Li Jianguo, and Datang Vice President Huang Zhiqin.
CACE also sponsors Wireshark and WinPcap open source packet analysis tools, and Riverbed says it will keep Wireshark open.
Creating an entity to represent eight agencies needs the support of an umbrella group, according to Laura Thrall, CEO of the YWCA Metropolitan Chicago and chair of CACE.
The philosophy behind the National CACE program is to promote a balanced approach to sporting excellence through a process of individual assessment, self-exploration, informed decision-making and short and long term planning.
CACE Technologies is an innovative and dynamic company specialized in low-level networking solutions.
CACE has shown itself to be resourceful, determined, and persistent with respect to legislation.
There have been no empirical studies to date which have measured jurors' subjective levels of probability as to the CACE standard, but one study polling judges found that, as to them, the degree of certainty required ranged from 67% to 75%,(47) and one court decision opined that this standard required better than a 70% level of certainty.
He also was a member of multiple professional organizations, including CACE, MIAA, NASSP, NECACE, PACT, and the Interreligious Forum of Worcester.
Although the IFC was on the Multi-National Force-Iraq (MNF-I) Joint Manning Document (JMD) and the CACE was on the MNC-I JMD, both organizations supported all levels of command--providing intelligence from the four-star level down to maneuver battalion commanders in an environment that did not dictate strict intelligence roles.