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CACHECouncil for Awards in Children's Care and Education
CACheComputer Aided Chemistry
CACHEComputer Aids for Chemical Engineering Education
CACHEConroe Area Christian Home Educators (Texas)
CACHEChicago Area Computer Hobbyists' Exchange (Illinois)
CACHECanadian Continuing Health Education
CACHECommunity Action for Child Health Equity (Chicago, IL)
CACHECaribbean Council for Higher Education in Agriculture
CACHECloud and Aerosol Chemistry Experiment
CACHECharlottesville Area Christian Home Educators, Inc.
CACHEControlled Automated Cargo Handling Envelope
CACHECouncil for Awards in Child Care, Health, and Education
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For example, Professor Tim Hanks at Furman University has set up a molecular modeling laboratory with CAChe products.
Fish and Wildlife Service made the first official land purchase for the Cache River Wildlife Refuge.
1 outlines the context where IMDB Cache will be implemented.
At its core, an external storage cache is a non-volatile array of fast RAM that interfaces with other storage devices through multiple high-performance interconnects, such as Fibre Channel links.
When Balda gave individual Clark's nutcrackers a second chance to cache seeds in the same sandy aviary floor, the birds often choose different hiding places.
Another variation is the ``travel bug'' - a sort of movable cache.
CACHE features breakthrough rapid development technology for building objects and object applications.
The global cache director is a multifunctional, solid-state global memory technology that manages data movement between all channel and disk directors.
CAChe Scientific will use the investment to rapidly expand its sales and marketing efforts in the United States and Europe.
Storage front ends such as FalconStor's IPStor can optimize the technology by using solid-state disk to emulate the cache pools found in most storage devices.
Comparable store sales for Cache stores increased 6% during the 21 week period ended May 27, 2006, as compared to a 3% increase in the same period in 2005.
The controller's processing power, memory bandwidth, number of host interfaces, and disk interfaces are all fixed, although the amount of cache memory and the number of back-end disks in the server may be upgradeable.