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CACHEDCenter for Advocacy, Community Health, Education and Diversity (University of Rochester Medical Center; Rochester, NY)
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The aforementioned cache groups may be cached on different nodes that run IMDB Cache enabling a distributed access to data that would result to a more efficient load balancing, therefore a faster response time.
The birds with implants cached more than twice as many seeds as the other chickadees did and needed only half as much probing around before finding the right spots to recover their bounty.
Unlike the first releases of edge caching, which only cached images and streaming media, the next generation of edge caching caches dynamic pages.
Designed to radically improve the end-user's application experience, CachePortal leverages its proprietary "content mapping" software architecture for intelligent content validation processing in order to independently maintain edge cached dynamic content.
With write-back caching, a write is written to cache, the I/O is acknowledged as "complete" to the server that issued the write, and some time later, the cached write is written or flushed to disk.