CACIFCoordinating Committee of Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial, and Financial Associations (Guatemala)
CACIFComité de Asociaciones Agrícolas, Comerciales, Industriales y Financieras (Spanish: Committee of Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial and Financial Associations; Guatemala)
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In order to gain national buy-in, FUNDESA and CACIF presented the initiative in an innovative way which stressed the importance of cooperation.
CACIF argued that "to give special privileges to indigenous groups would generate divisions" in Guatemalan society and, accordingly, they funneled large amounts of money to two organizations in opposition to the reforms: a small political party, ARDE, headed by an evangelical pastor, and a civic committee which called itself the LIGA Pro-Patria.
Only the big business sectors represented in CACIF decided not to participate.
Rodriguez said that Lopez Estrada, who does not belong to CACIF, agreed to throw the sinking president a lifejacket in exchange for exclusive access to the 4G bandwidth market that his competitors--Carlos Slim's America Movil and Spanish giant Telefonica--are vying for.
Mauricio, son of CACIF leader Jose Urruela will run for mayor of Guatemala City.
Julian Reyes represents small and medium-sized businesses (pequenas y medianas empresas, Pymes) in CACIF.
Last year, CACIF led a one-day protest against government tax policies and official corruption (see NotiCen, 2001-09-20).
CACIF attorneys are preparing briefs to petition the courts to suspend the tax reforms and to ask the Corte de Constitucionalidad to find the law unconstitutional.
CACIF president Mario Montano said the bill was "worrisome," because it favored foreign interests.
But CACIF wants to see Portillo stabilize the economy to make free circulation work.