CACRCentre for Applied Cryptographic Research (University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)
CACRCanadian Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation
CACRCenter for Applied Coastal Research (University of Delaware)
CACRCenter for Advanced Computer Research (California Institute of Technology)
CACRChamber of Auditors of the Czech Republic (professional organization)
CACRCorrective Action Completion Report (Illinois)
CACRCycle Audit and Cycle Review (UK)
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TWEA contains a plethora of provisions concerning the administration of a hearing which are applicable to the CACR.
In a study involving 120 patients, those who were randomized to three 50-minute CACR sessions per week for 2 months in addition to standard treatment stayed in the treatment program for an average of 200 days, which was significantly longer than the 128 and 132 days in two control groups.
Research groups such as Caltech's CACR are driving the creation of cluster grid computing, the next IT revolution.
Designed for extremely high-performance and bandwidth-intensive applications, the TeraGrid prototype at SC2002 will include (32) IBM Linux nodes, based on Intel's Itanium2 architecture, distributed across the Alliance, NPACI, CACR and Argonne booths.
HP has been supplying high-performance systems to CACR for several years, including an HP Superdome server running HP-UX being used for scientific research.
Argonne and CACR will receive their funding through the three awardees.
While observers thought the amendment was dead with the adoption of the indefinite postponement motion, the next day the Senate voted to suspend its rules and allow the introduction of a new constitutional amendment, CACR 19, which was heard by a Senate committee on June 13 and, by a 3-2 vote, was reported to the full Senate.
With our data requirements growing exponentially, CACR recently went through a review of our storage architecture.
Similar reasoning has led the Business and Industry Association to support CACR 18, a proposed constitutional amendment giving our legislators the flexibility they need to craft a targeted education funding plan.
CACR is an internationally recognized center for research in applied cryptography and related areas of information security.
CACR 18, the constitutional amendment designed to solve the school-funding issue and allow targeted aid, passed the Senate with the minimum number required for the 60 percent vote.
The overall mission of Caltech's CACR is to foster advances in scientific computing through advanced computing research.