CACSWCanadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women
CACSWCitizens' Advisory Council on the Status of Women (formerly Presidential Commission on the Status of Women)
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NAC and CACSW indicated their support for a purpose clause in their testimony before the Joint Committee, but their focus was primarily upon remedying the problems in section 15 (testimony of NAC President Lynn McDonald before the Joint Committee, ibid at 9:64 and 9:70, testimony of CACSW President Doris Anderson and representative Mary Eberts, ibid at 9:124-9:127).
88) The downgrading of women's issues was then made manifest with the handling of the CACSW, and the Women's Program amalgamation with the Status of Women Canada, effectively closing two potential entry points for state/women's movement interactionism.
We also produced a compliance review, "Little But Lip Service: Assessing Canada's Implementation of its International Commitments to Women's Equality" (for the period 1981 to January 1993), for the Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women, which the CACSW used as a background study for its document "Work in Progress: Tracking Women's Equality.