CACTCarnitine-Acylcarnitine Translocase Deficiency
CACTCitizens Advisory Committee on Transportation (various locations)
CACTConnecticut Association for Community Transportation
CACTCommand Aircraft Crew Training
CACTCommand Air Crew Training
CACTCivil Air Carrier Turbojet
CACTCenter for Advanced Computation and Telecommunications (University of Massachusetts Lowell)
CACTCombined Arms Command Training
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Today, CACT has a regular presence in schools and works with disadvantaged or socially-excluded groups in society, through crime reduction initiatives and community-based football coaching sessions.
In the first model CGPA (dependent variable) was regressed on the categorical variables: (a) instructor, (b) course level, and (c) grading system (GSYS) and the continuous variable average CACT.
Sin embargo, han sido reportados unos pocos casos de pacientes con deficiencia de CACT que han sobrevivido por largo tiempo, siguiendo un protocolo intensivo de manejo, el cual incluye alimentacion frecuente o continua con una formula que provee la mayoria de la grasa de la dieta en forma de acidos grasos de cadena media y no de cadena larga (4,5).
In summary, the results of the CACT studies closely parallel those of CAI studies.
Carol Pepper-Kittredge, director, Sierra College CACT, will be the deputy sector navigator for this grant project and manage implementation throughout the region that includes El Dorado, Nevada, Placer, Sacramento, Yolo and Yuba counties.
Novartis will provide an up-front payment, research funding, funding for the establishment of the CACT and milestone payments for the achievement of certain clinical, regulatory and commercial milestones and royalty payments.
Acronimo de Acidos grasos la deficiencia Defecto enzimatico libres en plasma OCTN2 Transportador de Carnitina CPT I Carnitina palmitoil Transferasa I CACT Carnitina-acil -- carnitina translocasa CPT II Carnitina -- palmitoil transfereasa II VLCAD Acil-CoA [C.
In China, Wireline dual CHDT* cased-hole dynamics tester tools were run on the world's longest TLC* tough logging conditions system in a highly deviated well for CACT Operators Group to a total measured depth of 7 km.
or CACT (SAC) approval from QA wing of BSNL for the tendered item(s) against Technical
El material biologico empleado en este trabajo ha sido fibroblastos de 4 pacientes con deficiencia de CPT I, 2 pacientes con deficiencia CPT II y 2 pacientes con deficiencia de CACT.
Plumeri announced that Willis has been awarded the contract to secure the construction coverage of a new offshore oil platform belonging to CACT Operators Group, a joint venture between the China National Offshore Oil Corporation, Chevron and ENI.