CACTCChicago Area Christian Training Consortium (Carol Stream, IL)
CACTCCranston Area Career and Technical Center (Cranston, RI)
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CACTC was initially created in 2000 in response to a need for internship training specifically geared towards increasing the number of psychologists able to effectively work with underserved populations.
The following section will highlight a few of these elements and provide examples of how they are implemented throughout the various CACTC sites.
Throughout CACTC, the application of a community-based perspective can be seen by how the agencies are located in specific communities where mental needs have been identified and work to partner with those in the community to provide services specific to those needs (i.
Given this, CACTC sites such as Center for Rural Psychology and Cornerstone Counseling Center of Chicago provide school-based groups in order to meet the needs of those who may be at-risk or to help prevent future disruptions emotionally or academically for the children served.
Thus, one aspect of Christian integration in the CACTC program includes encouraging interns to develop their heart and voice for social justice.
CACTC has the following objectives: 1) To develop pre-doctoral interns' knowledge of the APA ethical standards in the practice of psychology, and the ability to demonstrate behavior consistent with these standards, 2) To assist pre-doctoral interns' in the acquisition of a broad range of scientific and clinical knowledge and skills in professional psychology practice, including the ability to approach cases with a holistic understanding of persons (i.
The interns in the CACTC come from a wide background of educational experiences, with Christian, secular, and seminary backgrounds (or a combination of the aforementioned).
CACTC is a collaborative effort of five mental health organizations and one graduate institution.
CACTC supervisors embrace a mentorship model of supervision which focuses on the character formation of the intern in addition to training in psychotherapeutic techniques and skills.
The CACTC internship program embodies a practitioner-scholar model of training in order to promote competencies congruent with the discipline of professional psychology and informed by the Christian faith.