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CADAMComputer Augmented Design and Manufacturing
CADAMCentre Administratif des Alpes-Maritimes (French: Administrative Center of Alpes-Maritimes; Alpes-Maritimes, France)
CADAMComputer-Aided Data Analysis in Medicine (professional workshop)
CADAMCentre for Alternative Dalit Media (India)
CADAMComputer Aided Design And Manufacturing
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Over the last twenty years, CADAM gathered a large experience in the operation and marketing of kaolin products.
The NC programming function is performed on PCs that are linked to CADAM and run SmartCAM software from Point Control Co.
In Japan, MICRO CADAM is still widely used as a system for creating and viewing CAD files.
But the story had a happy ending after Denio heard from a member of Westinghouse's corporate engineering staff about the technique of direct database conversion whereby a proprietary CAD database like CADAM is converted to another in a single step.
Actify's goal is to assist MICRO CADAM users so they can leverage and communicate designs created in the MICRO CADAM format to non-technical staff within the enterprise," said Randy Ochs, president and CEO of Actify.
In a shrewd move, Autodesk recently announced that its software now can be linked with IBM's mainframe-based CADAM.
Achieving consistent positive cash flow will allow us to continue to pursue the DesignGateway and MICRO CADAM opportunities while we wait for the target customers to make their buying decisions.
CADAM and Professional CADAM are registered trademarks of Dassault Systemes of America Corp.
Each of the basic design packages includes functions for mechanical design, part design, assembly design, drafting, real-time rendering, IGES interface, wireframe and surface, and CADAM drafting.
com, a website devoted to assisting MICRO CADAM users with their migration from CADAM Systems Company's (CSC) products.
CADAM is a registered trademark of Dassault Systemes of America Corp.
SDRC (Nasdaq:SDRC), a global supplier of e-business collaboration solutions for the product lifecycle, today announced at the ICUE (International CADAM Users Exchange) 2000 Conference that over 275 former 2D-based CADAM customers have successfully transitioned to a collaborative solids-based engineering solution, SDRC I-DEAS(R).