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CADAMComputer Augmented Design and Manufacturing
CADAMCentre Administratif des Alpes-Maritimes (French: Administrative Center of Alpes-Maritimes; Alpes-Maritimes, France)
CADAMComputer-Aided Data Analysis in Medicine (professional workshop)
CADAMCentre for Alternative Dalit Media (India)
CADAMComputer Aided Design And Manufacturing
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A Vale announcement said, "The sale of CADAM is part of our continuous efforts to optimize the asset portfolio.
Denio's group experimented with the IGES translation method but found there were a number of important entities generated by CADAM IGES-out that weren't supported by AutoCAD IGES-in.
ASA Systems' ability to easily create the MICRO CADAM importer using Actify SDK is the perfect example of how Actify customers can maximize the products full potential.
AutoCAD drawings developed at their relatively inexpensive PC workstations can be transferred to and from a centralized CADAM database on an IBM host.
As a distributor of MICRO CADAM products and Actify products in Japan, we are delighted that Actify is now offering support for MICRO CADAM files," said Kei Mori, Executive Vice President of ASA Systems Inc.
Once completed, we believe the sale of our CAM business will provide the necessary liquidity to allow us to pursue the DesignGateway and MICRO CADAM opportunities while continuing to provide our Cadra users with valued enhancements.
Cadra has direct interfaces to MICRO CADAM, CADAM, PRO-CADAM, CCD, CADDS, AutoCAD DWG/DXF and IGES files.
To date, SDRC customers have translated over one million CADAM drawings to I-DEAS Drafting, and trained over 5,000 former CADAM users to quickly become productive in a 3D environment.
SofTech will be demonstrating its capabilities at the MICRO CADAM User Group Meeting which kicks off today in Fort Walton Beach, Florida," said Tim Weatherford, SofTech's Vice President of Sales.
The recent decision by CADAM Systems Company and its subsidiary, MICRO CADAM, Inc.
Address : direction gnrale adjointe pour les ressources, les moyens et la modernisation de l~administration - direction des finances, de l~achat et de la commande publique - service des marchs - CADAM - 147 boulevard du Mercantour - tour Jean Moulin - B.
A recently announced decision by CADAM Systems Company (CSC) to discontinue support for their MICRO CADAM technology throughout the world is another significant opportunity for the Company in fiscal 2001 and beyond.