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CADDComputer-Aided Design & Drafting
CADDCommunauté d'Agglomération du Drouais (French: Agglomeration Community of Dreaux; Dreaux, France)
CADDComputer-Aided Design Development
CADDCollectif Associatif pour un Développement Durable (French: Collective Association for Sustainable Development)
CADDCombat Air Delivery Division
CADDCustomer Acquisition Due Diligence (banking)
CADDComputer-Aided Drafting and Design
CADDCombined Arms Doctrine Directorate
CADDComputer-Aided Drug Design
CADDComplex Add
CADDCercle d'Auto Promotion pour le Développement Durable (French: Self-Promotion Circle for Sustainable Development; Benin)
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Combined with Autodesk and other applications, Bluebeam solutions enhance the collaboration processes in the project lifecycle that address CADD Microsystems' clients' needs and growth opportunities.
But the Establishment Division cancelling the transfer orders said, 'if the CADD intends to transfer the DG, a summary may be moved to the Establishment Division'.
Compared to others in our industry, CADD Microsystems has a higher percentage of customers who are willing to recommend us, and that says a lot about how we take care of our clients.
The support service already offered by Scard will be enhanced as we work with members of Cadd who have supported the campaign for many years.
Students also have more direct access to CADD instructor and coordinator Steve Billingslea, because his office is in the lab/lecture area.
All secondary schools are being sent a Cadd educational pack which contains heartbreaking stories from 10 sets of parents who have lost children in drink-drive crashes.
CADD Microsystems achieved tremendous results in Q2, and this was a result of our customer-centric approach of partnering with our clients," said Jeff Gravatte, CEO of CADD Microsystems.
Matt Fawcett, manager of New Technology and Innovation at CADD Edge said, We see a definite trend in the industry where companies are developing more complex and higher-performing electronic products .
The Executive Director PIMS and Secretary Ministry of CADD apprised the Prime Minister about the Organ Transplant Centre.
CADD Centers of Florida is focusing its business operations on supporting the Building and Infrastructure solutions markets.
It was revealed in report that office stationary of CADD have been sold in different markets of the city worth thousands of rupees and that was equally distributed among the fraudulent elements.