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CADETCan't Add Doesn't Even Try
CADETComputer-Aided Design Experimental Translator
CADETCompass to True Add East (mnemonic for working on navigation charts)
CADETCourse of Action Display & Evaluation Tool
CADETCommunity Agency for Development Employment and Training (Australia)
CADETCovariance Analysis Describing Function Technique
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When on leaving College the cadets were received by the Emperor, he did not again refer to Kasatsky's offence, but told them all, as was his custom, that they should serve him and the fatherland loyally, that he would always be their best friend, and that when necessary they might approach him direct.
My dear sir, you ought to know that every elder brother looks upon the cadets of the house as his natural enemies, who deprive him of so much ready money which ought to be his by right.
The Cadets paraded in a style calculated to kill the late member with envy.
The term of study at this institution, which the State requires from all cadets, is four years; but, whether it be from the rigid nature of the discipline, or the national impatience of restraint, or both causes combined, not more than half the number who begin their studies here, ever remain to finish them.
The number of cadets being about equal to that of the members of Congress, one is sent here from every Congressional district: its member influencing the selection.
FIVE FIVE pupils from Grace Academy Platoon were ocially recognised for achieving were ocially recognised for achieving cadet status at a ceremony held at the TA cadet status at a ceremony held at the TA Centre in Coventry.
FEMALE cadets from 2348 Maghull Squadron have recently won first place in a regional five-a-side football competition.
A cadet from the squadron is shortly to travel to RAF Ascension Island.
It really is a tireless effort to make sure that CIHS Norwood get the most from the cadet organisation and that it is fun too.
This is apparently not the first time the 18-year-old cadet has been in trouble with authorities.
I usually don't have any difficulty following the classes," a sophomore cadet said.
Nakilat managing director Mohamed Ghannam said: "Nakilat's Marine Cadet Programme is an incredible development for Qatar's shipping industry and a wonderful opportunity for young Qataris.