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CADFChina-Africa Development Fund (est. 2006)
CADFCentralised Airspace Data Function
CADFChina Aviation Development Foundation
CADFComité de l'Abus de Droit Fiscal (French: Committee on Tax Law Abuse)
CADFCommittee for Advanced DBMS (Database Management System) Function
CADFCentre d'Abattage de Dindes du Faouet (French: Faouet Turkey Slaughter Center; Le Faouet, France)
CADFContract Administrative Data File
CADFCommutated-Antenna Direction Finder
CADFConducting Airways Deposition Fraction
CADFConfederate Arcing Deadeye Fighters (gaming clan)
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i] in the CADF regression and its critical values are tabulated by Pesaran (2007).
The critical values of the CADF tests, CIPS, are tabulated by Pesaran (2007).
In Table 6, the results of the individual cross-section's CADF test results are reported.
CADF Chief Investment Officer Yong Wang explained that the fund chooses companies based on their financial and technological feasibility, and the extent to which they will benefit the community.
2006) show that Pesaran's CIPS and CADF statistics exhibit powerful properties.
Hansen demonstrates that the power of the CADF test is inversely related to the long-run (frequency zero) squared correlation between the series being tested and the covariates and is denoted as [[eta].
All Unit root and cointegration tests were performed using the ADF, CADF, and PS procedures in the Gauss module, Coint written by Ouliaris and Phillips (1994-1995).
Subject to administrative and regulatory approvals, including CADF approval of Azurix becoming the technical participant under the IASA contract, the transaction is expected to close in six to eight weeks.