CADGCentral Asia Development Group (Singapore)
CADGCambridgeshire Advanced Driving Group (Cambridge, UK)
CADGColumbus-America Discovery Group
CADGClub Andernosien de Gymnastique (French: Andernosien Gymnastics Club; Andernos-les-Bains, France)
CADGCalderdale Athletic Development Group (Halifax, West Yorkshire)
CADGChat About Depression Glass (web forum)
CADGCurdridge Amateur Drama Group (UK)
CADGCorporate Awareness and Development Group (Australia)
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Application of Weingarten surfaces to CADG, (see [8]).
Grant, Potential application of Weingarten surfaces in CADG, Part I: Weingarten surfaces and surface shape investigation, Computer Aided Geometric Design, 13(1996), 569-582.
In 1995, after years of litigation, CADG was awarded more than 90 percent of the treasure, with the rest given to insurance companies descended from firms that had indemnified the original shipment.
After having operated in Afghanistan for over 12 years, CADG used all available VSAT providers and each proved to be unreliable in both service and technical performance.
The assistance included 1,585 uniforms for doctors, nurses and other hospital staffers, as well as bed sheets, mattresses and pillows for patients, CADG said in a statement.
He added a 50 kilometre footpath had already been constructed by the UN HBAITAT and another 150-kilometre would be built by CADG in line with a contract signed the other day.