CADINContinental Air Defence Integration North
CADINCadastro Informativo de Créditos Não-Quitados Com o Setor Público Federal (Brazil)
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These hardware technology together with software technology Microsoft Windows AD, VMware Infrastructure and data networks CADIN / MIS represent the basic (core) technology throughout the IT infrastructure area MIS, the operation of which is critically dependent function of all systems and software applications, operating within the zone (MIS EUS systems, PIS, Intranet, MIP, and MISEKV ISD).
Socio-rehabilitation program will be developed with the experience and best practices of foreign partners of the project: CADIN - Portugal ADD - ADHD Cyprus - Cyprus, KINAPSI - Greece, ADHD Coaching Sverige - Sweden, SA Lastefond Eesti - Estonia.
CADIN - Centro de apoio and Desenvolvimento Infantil