CADLCaro Area District Library (Michigan)
CADLCompact Aerial Data Logger (flight test)
CADLComputer Architecture Design Laboratory
CADLCheesecake Anti-Defamation League
CADLComputer Aided Design Laboratory (Supercomputer Education and Research Institute; Indian Institute of Science; Bangalore, India)
CADLCommunicative Activities of Daily Living
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Users can now create a dialog box interface for their CADL (CADKEY Advanced Design Language) and macro programs.
NOTE: CADKEY and CADL are registered trademarks and CADKEY Dynamic Extensions is a trademark of Cadkey, Inc.
Creating third-party Cadkey/DataCAD programs via CADL, CDE, DCAL and
Existing IGES, DXF, and CADL translators have been improved with Surfcam Version 4.
Mastercare includes IGES, DXF and CADL converters so that geometry can be uploaded from many CAD systems.
It could have been ACIS, DXF, CADL, VDA, DWG, - almost any language," he says, "and we would have been prepared for smooth data transfer.
Software includes bi-directional data translators for IGES, DXF, CADL, STL, VDA, and ASCII.
For maximum interoperability, FastSURF 98 supports a wide variety of industrial-strength data translators IGES (supporting 128 NURB surfaces), DXF, STL, SRF, CADL and SAT data formats -- for maintaining surface model integrity and maximum compatibility with other CAD/CAM/CAE solutions.
Users can benefit from the "best" product available for a specific function from a variety of CAD/CAM vendors using bidirectional translators for IGES, ASCII, DXF, STL, VDA, and CADL with their NC programs.