CADNACoalition Against Domain Name Abuse
CADNAControl of Accuracy and Debugging for Numerical Application (software library)
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In addition to working to shape ICANN policy, CADNA is working with members of the U.
The 27 percent of domain names that are owned by third parties can damage a politician's reputation and cause confusion for Internet users," CADNA President Josh Bourne explained.
Asked to comment on the forum, Eric Pearson, Senior Vice President of Global Distribution Marketing for CADNA member InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), said, "ICANN must do more to ensure the safety and stability of Internet.
CADNA's perpetual block recommendation was also included in a separate letter generated by attendees of a brand owner summit meeting held on June 11, 2012 and signed by CADNA, the International Trademark Association, the American Intellectual Property Law Association, and the Intellectual Property Owners Association.
With a new government taking office in January, CADNA has begun increasing its efforts to bring attention to these problems and feels confident that, under the leadership of President-elect Obama and the 111th Congress, these concerns will be addressed as part of the country's efforts to maintain leadership in areas related to technology and to protect its economy and national security.
CADNA has been working diligently to further international and national policies that combat the practice of cybersquatting, and has gained a reputation as a committed public interest watchdog.
CADNA supports these goals, as they provide the proper checks within the structure of Internet governance - something that CADNA and other organizations have been advocating for over the years.
CADNA members are prominent brand owners with a wealth of collective knowledge on and experience in dealing with the practice of cybersquatting.
government is doing double duty," said Josh Bourne, President of CADNA.
ICANN's Board aims for the transition to this new structure to be completed by January 2009; CADNA advocates postponing or reconsidering this change.
In addition to presenting these suggestions at the meeting with Assistant Secretary Strickling, CADNA delivered the same suggestions in a letter to ICANN, which includes further details on each of these recommendations.
Brands from around the world gathered at the CADNA forum with academic and business leaders to discuss the future of the domain name space and what can be done to improve the landscape for consumers and brand owners alike.